Retirement property in Plettenberg Bay

Retirement property in Plettenberg Bay


1. What size will the free-standing houses be and the size of the plot?

This is one Garden Estate and is not separate plots.

Bed-sitter Apartment (suited to single)             = 56 square meters
Two-room Apartment (single or double)          = 112 square meters
Two-bedroom home (two bathrooms)               = 140 square meters

2. Are there different plans- 2bedrooms/3bedrooms etc?

There are three unit models:

The Bed-sitter Apartments:
Open plan room with Large bathroom (Bath and Shower) as well as a small kitchenette and a large balcony. +-56 squares

quartet garden suites plettenberg bay

The Two-room Apartments:
Walk into an open plan lounge/dining and small Kitchen area that leads out onto a  covered patio. Large Bedroom with en-suite bathroom (bath and shower) and walk-in closet dressing room. Enclosed Glass sun/reading room. +- 112 squares

Two Bedroom Home:
Free standing two bedroom, two bathroom house (one en-suite). Large lounge Sun Room and dining room with kitchen. Enclosed Deck overseeing gardens. Back of house service area/yard +- 140 squares

3. Who will construct the house?

We have a specialised planning, procurement and construction company doing all construction.

4. Any indication of price?

Our Introductory Price offer, which expires at the end of January 2018, is dependent on size and position and configuration, will range from R1 million for a single unit bed-sitting room, R2 mil for a  two-room apartment up to R2.75mil for the 2 bedroom homes. (Note; All prices are subject to change).

5. What type of purchase?

We offer a Life Right accommodation option, as well as an Investment Option of owning a Life Right which can be placed in a rental pool until the owner decides to take up the occupancy or requests the company to sell the Life Right unit.

In both options, the Client is issued a non-interest bearing, redeemable secured debenture the terms of which grant the client a life right to occupy a Garden Unit chosen by the client at a price determined by the size and position of the unit. The Debenture is redeemed by the Hotel when the client is deceased or decides to move at 75% of the price the unit is taken over by a new client sourced by the Hotel or the estate of the existing client, at the then market-related price, in terms of our life right agreement.

quartet garden suites plettenberg bay

Quartet Hotel operating as a small high-end deluxe Hotel on the Retirement Estate will manage the Garden Units in every respect with clients enjoying the benefits of a full range of services of a high standard, described further on this website. The services will be paid for by an affordable monthly Hotel Lodging Cost for the basic non-variable costs and a variable service package provided by the Hotel which offers a three package cost option of the clients choice.

The Life Time Accommodation Right is available to persons 60 years and over, and when entering into the Agreement, your spouse or future partner is covered by the same life right and may remain in the Garden Unit should you pre-decease her.

The Investment Option allows eligible Clients to enter into an agreement for a Life Right Garden Home or Apartment, which can either be placed in the Hotel rental pool, where it will share in a rental pool dividend, or rent their unit to an eligible client for a minimum of 12 months, as per the Life Right agreement. quartet garden suites plettenberg bay

6. Time frames for construction – i.e When will these houses start construction?

The re-refurbishment of the Hotel, Hotel Suites and 12 existing two room apartments are completed and are ready for occupation on a 2 month notice. A number of the 22, two bedroom homes have been completed and sold through Life Right agreements, and are available for occupation at the current time.  The construction time estimate for completion from date of Life Right purchase of the 2 bedroom house to occupation is 6 months. The Hotel will be in a position to service and provide the amenities listed on the website immediately on occupation of any unit.

7. Conditions on resale?

The prospective Client or their estate will be able to redeem their non-interest bearing debenture for their home or unit, which will be marketed for sale by the Hotel and they will receive 75% of the purchase price paid by a new Life Right client by placing the debenture at the price achieved with the new client.

quartet garden suites plettenberg bay

As an option, the client or at their estates request the Hotel will furnish, at the client’s cost, and place the unit in a rental pool until the unit has been taken up by a new client and the debenture paid up at the new value.

8. Medical and elderly care facilities?

The Quartet Hotel has a  dedicated wing accessed by a separate entrance adjacent to the doctors’ rooms entrance comprising a number of fully serviced bed sitting room suites with 24/7 qualified nursing staff on hand who are also available for house calls to any residents unit.

9. Assisted living?

All Garden Suite Owners will have the option of a contracted caregiver to assist them in their units.
Qualified caregivers will be outsourced by Quartet for part-time or full-time assistance to ensure the highest level of care available.

quartet garden suites plettenberg bay

Owners have the option of employing their own caregiver, on a live in or part-time day basis. 

10. Nursing staff availability?

Adjacent to the Doctors rooms there will be a full time fully qualified nursing service provided by the Hotel on the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

11. How is resident’s security guaranteed?

The Estate is completely ring-fenced with a  high-level electric barrier and under camera surveillance. A security company patrols the property at night and the front entrance is manned 24/7 by guards in radio contact with their control room and the Hotel staff at all times.

quartet garden suites plettenberg bay

12. Maintenance of the gardens?

As part of the Hotel Lodging Costs, we include maintenance to all the Garden Retirement Units and surrounding landscaping.

13. Unit Maintenance?

All unit internal and external maintenance is done by the Hotel and accounted for within the monthly cost structure including an accumulating reserve fund per unit which balance is declared quarterly with the audit statement.

14. Are we allowed to have pets?

In consultation with the Hotel management, the estate does allow one small pet per unit. As long as the pet is house trained, and socialised and does not cause repeated disturbances to other guests and life right occupants.

quartet garden suites plettenberg bay

15. Garage Facilities?

All units have access to at least two parking bays adjacent to their unit, and all two bedroom homes have a two car covered carport adjacent to their entrance. In addition, there will be 22 lock up garages available for separate rental situated at the main entrance parking lot with shuttle services available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have as we wish to update this site on a regular basis with our client’s enquiries.